BrewPlan’s Resources Are Extensive:

If your brewery or winery requires professional help in these areas, BrewPlan can help:

1.) Legal advice and legal services—BrewPlan has partners who are well-versed on the Federal Laws, State Laws, ATF Label approval process, distributor appointment agreements/brand and territory contracts, licensing agreements, state franchise laws, termination process, pricing and promotion laws, negotiating the sale of your brand or business, due diligence for acquisitions and providing government liaison for label approvals and walk-throughs at the ATF.

2.) Freight/logistics/supply chain services—BrewPlan has partners who are in the freight and logistics business. They routinely negotiate freight rates for full and less than full truckload quantities to all states in the U.S. This company focuses on retail sales demand and inventory management control, sales forecasting software, best practices for supply chain benchmarking, distribution system analysis, procurement of ingredients and packaging materials, and layout, design and flow of warehouse location, organizational modeling and customer service standards.

3.) Brand packaging, design, social media and website development—BrewPlan has access to successful and innovative design houses in and around the Upper Midwest. Each of the firms we work with have unique and diverse sets of design capabilities for beers and wines that include, but are not limited to: branding and label design; print and publications development; POS design and fulfillment; web design; social media integration; tradeshow support, and multi-media presentations.

4.) Advertising copy, campaign platform and ad execution development—BrewPlan works with three different advertising agencies who specialize in developing effective advertising campaigns for small business clients. All of them have previous brewery and winery clients. They are extremely creative, are think tanks for idea creation, develop advertising copy and brand platforms that tie directly to the brand’s positioning and utilize cost-efficient advertising execution, (social, print, radio, and cable TV) that make business sense based on the media budget supplied by the client.

5.) Asset valuations, capital investment, CAPEX budgeting, long-term financing solutions—BrewPlan has independent partners who are experienced and connected in these areas. They assist breweries and wineries in planning; breweries and wineries who require operating capital; breweries and wineries who wish to expand geographically or build new capacity; breweries building their own malt plant; Wineries improving their vineyard infrastructure and financial institution/financing vehicle solutions.