Whether it be for your key investors, business partners, vendors, and/or employees, Strategic Business Plans offer insights on your specific business and generate the comprehensive business model that helps evaluate all areas inside and outside the company to give you the competitive advantage you will need to succeed in both the short and long term. The Strategic Business Plan is also a vehicle for communicating ideas and decisions to the entire Company and for monitoring the success of the implementation of management decisions.

Industry/Market Analysis

If your Brewery or Winery is seeking industry knowledge, let our 38+ years of industry expertise guide you with precise marketing and sales analysis and strategic insights as to where the business is heading.  We go behind the numbers to uncover unfilled niches and growth segments that just emerging.  BrewPlan is set up to assist in building brands.  We use market and beer/wine industry data (IRI, Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS, Craft Beer INSIGHTS, Brewers Association, Wine Business and DISCUS reporting services) and combine this with consumer research, to identify the best potential beer niches to invest your dollars in.  The five key industry/market analysis areas where we will focus on include:

1.) Economic environment

2.) Competitive structure

3.) Value-added services in cost, differentiation and focus

4.) Industry Fragmentation/Barriers to entry

5.) Supplier/Customer Relationship/Distribution Pipeline

Road Map

A Strategic Business Plan is fluid.  It constantly changes.  You need to re-read it once every 6 months and select your the course of action to stay on track and adjust for any unforeseen curves in the road. Our Road Map for your business will give you many options along with solid recommendations on how we would proceed.  You can review our Plan and decide which Road is right for you.

BrewPlan’s Strategic Framework

To better assist our clients, BrewPlan utilizes a 4 Step System for all of its Strategic Plans:

  • Step 1: Develop the Road Map
  • Step 2: Position Assessment And Identify Unfilled Niches/Opportunities
  • Step 3: Select The Strategy
  • Step 4: Measure Results

The Strategic Plan for companies can be comprehensive in nature, and focused on many different and unique sets of issues.  Some of the examples of what we can focus our resources on include:

  • New brand/brewery development
  • Change in Brewery/Winery image to improve market share in a high growth marke
  • Identifying new geographic markets
  • Developing a new distribution network
  • Integrate Advertising Program For Key Retail Customers
  • Opening up your second Brewery or Brewpub Location
  • Expanding the vineyard
  • Buying the “Neighbor”
  • Developing Foreign Markets
  • Investing in new packaging equipment
  • Development of a Contract Brewing Program
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The Strategic Plan is the starting point for any business—large or small.
The Plan provides the strategic pillars of the business,
and gives the management team the road map to success.