Brand Identity

Each brand has its own identity.  BrewPlan will help you identify the core ingredients in your brand.  Whether it’s a person, a community or neighborhood, a landmark, a city street, a building or trademark you have invented, BrewPlan will help you bring it to life. We will then modify it for different market segments and retail channels.

Brand Innovation (USP)

know each brand’s value proposition.  BrewPlan will help you understand the brand’s relationship to your customers.  We will help unveil the emotional, self-expressive and functional benefits of your brand through our innovative consumer research methods.  We will also help you uncover brand strengths that competitors will want to emulate.


Providing a clear and positive statement of the brand’s unique identity and value proposition is what BrewPlan prides itself on.  We want you to “stand out in the crowd” and yet be simple enough for any craft beer consumer to ascertain.


BrewPlan will help you execute the brand development program, which will review and evaluate all social market, web-based and media alternatives, to connect your brand to the target consumer.

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Consistent Message

Our goal is to provide a clear, consistent brand identity, position, and execution over time.  BrewPlan will assist in the development of high image icons, symbols and comparisons that will break through the clutter and build brand awareness.

Brand Portfolio

BrewPlan will ensure all brands in the portfolio are consistent and synergistic.  We will develop strategic underpinnings for each brand within the portfolio, yet maintain the brand identity, features, and symbols that made it stand out in the first place.

Brand Leverage

We can help research the hottest beer categories, extend the brand and develop marketing and distribution programs necessary to identify the unfilled niches, and best segments to enter.  Leverage will be created by managing the integrity of the brand’s overall strategy and subbrands within the system.

Tracking The Brand’s Equity

BrewPlan will implement solutions that track brand awareness, perceived quality, brand loyalty, and brand associations.  BrewPlan will research flaws where the brand identity and position are not reflected in the brand image.

Brand Responsibility

Each brand owner needs to be involved with the branding process, which will create the identity, positioning statement, coordinate the execution over organizational units, media, and retail markets.  The brand needs to be the cornerstone of the business.

Brand Investment

Investment in the brands must continue even if the financial goals are not being met.

Brand Acquisitions

if your Company has acquired a brand or would like to acquire a brand, BrewPlan can help you develop the new brand identity for your Brewery or Winery